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SoundBus Technologies Co., Ltd. (“SoundBus”), located in Xiamen Software Park which is known for software and internet, is an innovative technology enterprise based on multimedia clustering service platform centering around technological application and services with the mission of improving users’ quality of life through SonicMoving technologies and services. SoundBus boasts of a research and development team accounting for 40% of its human resources under the leadership of experts from Bell Laboratory (United States). It also has practical cases and a large number of patents in respect of IOT Intelligent Internet of Things, distributed network and media.
Looking into the future, SoundBus aims to establish a national brand through independent innovation. It strives to eliminate the barriers between media and their users using the intelligent internet of things model so that everyone has access to the state-of-the-art technologies in the new media era.
In 2016, SoundBus officially launched its SonicMoving Application Platform, SonicMoving Open Platform, SonicMoving Data Platform and SonicMoving Open-source SDK. Besides, it also created its own incubation startup base and ecosphere with a bold, pioneering and cautious attitude.
In 2017, with an open and win-win mindset, SoundBus continues to create business opportunities with all of its partners and strives for improving life quality with science and technologies.

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Company:SoundBus Technologies Co., Ltd.
Address:Floors 10, No.159, qianpu Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian
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